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Login to tumblr, click "Account" > "Preference" > "Customize Blog". Click the "Theme" tab, select "Use Custom HTML", and paste the layout code in it.


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Gotta catch 'em all! E-mail Me - Write in the FY!Pkmn formspring - Visit the Pok�mon Directory

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In Pok�mon Best Wishes / Black & White, Ash Ketchum has set out to find new Pok�mon and new adventures in the Unova region! Together with his new friends Iris and .

happy holidays everyone! (Source: pokexfashion)-Next-Theme by theskeletonofme

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To legislate is my true test, to govern is my cause. I will travel across the land, campaigning far and wide.

Pokemon Tumblr dash w/ icons and background. More screenshots: Image without the style; Author: imamouseduhhhh: Created: Aug 5, 2010: Updated: Mar 12, 2011

Requests. Hey everybody! Thanks to all my patient followers. I know that I update pretty sporadically, and you

Welcome to our Pok�mon Tumblr. Here you will see images, text, video, audio, etc; about Pok�mon, of course. Enjoy :D run by Rodrigo

A place full of cute Pokemon!! Hiya there, I'm Michelle! And I reeeeally love cute Pokemon :D I'll be posting lotsa cute things relating to Pokemon and just anything .

The tumblr for Pokemon TCG cards with googly eyes! (amongst other things)

pokemon-gifs-fight: Do you make your gifs or find them in Internet? I'm a Pokemon gifs blog too!

Altura/Height: 1.74 m Peso/Weight: 75 kg. Especie/Species: Queer Tipo: Fantasma/Agua - Ghost/Water Habilidad: multitipo - Adorabilidad/ Multitype - Loveable .

I have a cold! Wah! Time for some serene bath time while training my pokemon

whoever you are, you have made my life. pokemon tumblr themes i've been playing pokemon since i was born, i have all the games, and i still play all of them. these are all true.

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MLIA for Pokemon Fans! I don't
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